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First mobile E-commerce solution connected to Facebook Ads and Google

We as a Facebook Marketing Partner company have experienced neverending struggles with Facebook and Google integration on side of our partners. It usually took weeks or months to implement all neccessary SDKs, features, measurements and events. That's the reason why we have decided to provide an open-source solution bringing marketing on the first place. Our mission is to fulfill all potential of Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and other marketing channels for an extraordinary mobile shopping experience.

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Facebook Ads Integration

The most advanced Facebook Ads Integration. Encourage purchases, target your mobile customers and measure conversions.

Google Analytics Integration

Integration of Google Analytics can be sometimes tricky. With our solution you can't miss any conversion.

Unified & Powerful API

Connecting your backend and data storages has never been easier. Our API is, thanks to Apiary, very well documented and available for testing.

Push Notifications

Encourage your customers through absolutely powerful Push Notifications. So, your customers won't miss any sale or special offer.

Synchronized with your Web

Synchronize abandoned shopping carts and user profiles from your website. So, your customers won't feel the difference if coming to website or mobile app.

Standardized XML Feeds

We use support all advanced XML Feed features you know from other systems. So, you don't have to create another one and just connect the feed you already use.

We also offer Deeplinks, Advanced measurement & analytics, and much more...

Feature on Request

Backend as a Service

We have also prepared a very special feature for you, available on request. It has never been easier to manage all content of your app, including language versions. Manage payment options, delivery option separately for you mobile solution. Send Push notifications to specific users and manage your special offers, categories and in-app banners easily. Our backend solution also take care about database for your apps.

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We totally understand that pain, when your IT department is super busy or you don't have your own in-house mobile development team.

We will connect you with one of our integration partners to build the app for you.

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